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︎ 2020
︎ Content, Social Media Management

Client: The Office Group

The Office Group is a private and flexible office space provider with distinctive design and a big focus on wellness. I am responsible for devising a social media crative and content strategy that would drive brand awareness. By injecting new formats and responsive content to help refresh and reinvigorate the social engagement, I have been able to grow each channel, increasing YOY stats.

I also directed and developed ideas in collaboration with my marketing team - from the content hub and paid social to launch campaigns and member events.

︎ UK Locations Launch Campaigns
︎ London Design Festival
︎ Black History Month Campaign
︎ Kontorhaus Berlin Opening
︎ Manor Gym Content Collaboration

︎ TOG x Nadine Goepfert
︎ Member Events

United House Launch

London Design Festival

Liberty London Soho Launch

United House Launch

Black History Month Campaign

Kontorhaus, Berlin Launch

TOG features Nadine Goepfert
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